05 November 2009

Growing and Playing...

It's been a while since I've posted. With the end of summer, weather is absolutely incredible. Warm days, cool-ish evenings/nights. Perfect weather for keeping the windows open and spending time with my favorite "man" MUGGS. He's been growing and growing.....and we don't hit 6 months until the 19th of November.

Although I haven't been feeling top notch, he's my every reason for getting up in the morning, going for walks, and making sure that we get exercise and PLENTY OF REST (we've both got the latter down to an art and science).

Above, is a series of photos - taken at 6 weeks (by Sally Rosenthal, his "mom", breeder, and owner of Barrister English Cocker Spaniels), 4 1/2 months, and, finally, just the other day at 5 1/2 months....

Below, is a video, taken by a new friend, Ully Martinez, who is Harry's mom (Harry's the beautiful and incredibly good natured Bernese - who "co-stars" in the video clip) will upload and be viewable - it was from two nights ago during a walk (and play) through Ruth Hardy Park. Harry was the very first dog MUGGS met at Ruth Hardy Park some months ago....I think he's never forgotten how sweet this gentle giant was to him....and now that he's growing in size and confidence, he loves to play with Harry - even though he's still way outsized!!!!

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